Heating oil storage tanks for the most part have not changed much over the years. The most popular tank today is still the steel tank that sits on 4 steel legs and looks very much the same as the one that is in your basement now. However, many communitys have begun to require that when you replace your tank that you install one of the new "double wall" tanks.

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GRANBY Steel Tank: These 12 gauge steel tanks conform to the UL 80 standards for home heating oil. They come in sizes from 120 to 330 gallons and are available in both a vertical and horizontal configuration.

ROTH 2 in 1 tanks: These double wall tanks have been available in the US for the last 20 years and have been in use in Europe for many more. The tanks have a "plastic" inner tank surrounded by a galvanized steel outer tank. They come equipped with a leakage detector that will indicate if the inner tank has begun to leak into the outer containment tank. Many towns on the Cape have begun to require that we install this type of tank when replacing your old tank. Several towns require that you have this type of tank before you can sell your home.